new project sneak peak: amna

Here’s a quick look at my latest project, Amna:


I haven’t done anything cabled in a while, and my thought when working on this piece is constantly “whyever not?”. Sure, cabling takes some time and eats yarn and so on, but I do love the finished effect and the beautiful patterns and textures you can create using cables in your handknitting projects.

The one catch with this project is that I am not quite sure I have enough yarn. My calculations say that I should, but just barely. To complicate matters, the wool I’m working with (Rowan Designer DK) has been discontinued for several years now. Fingers crossed my calculations are correct and I’m not headed for disappointment and the frogging pool.

And for an entertaining good-bye, I’ll leave you with one of the more random shots from our Samantha photoshoot over the weekend:


I don’t really remember what specifically was going on to make me have this face/hand motion, but the picture makes me giggle a bit.

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