Happy Pi day!

If you are even the tiniest bit math geeky, you probably know what I’m talking about. If not, Pi day has a website, so go read up on this fun little number.

I did not get around to making a pie for Pi day, but I did make something circular:


Caramel apple spice cupcakes, recipe from Veganomicon. These delicious, fall-spiced cupcakes are packed with apples that have been browned in butter and brown sugar. Here they are, folding into the batter:



The recipe also calls for frosting the cupcakes with penuche, but I didn’t quite get around to that. No matter, as the cupcakes are delicious unfrosted. In addition to the great taste, one of the very cool features of these cupcakes is the subtle pinkish red color of the crumb, which is particularly noticeable around pieces of the carmelized apple:


Pretty, no? I’m going to have one for breakfast. You know, in honor of pi.

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