brendan remixed

I’m using this reknit of Brendan to make some additions to the pattern, primarily an extra intarsia motif:


Guesses as to what the new motif is? As a hint, the pattern is named for St. Brendan, an Irish monk said to have sailed to Newfoundland in the 6th century (if you’re interested in reading up on how doable/not doable such a trip might have been, I highly recommend reading The Brendan Voyage, by Tim Severin). If you’re familiar with the story, you’ll probably be able to remember some of the more remarkable things said to have happened during Brendan’s journey and think of one (or more…) that might work its way into a bit of sweater intarsia.

Assuming it works out as envisioned, this new motif will soon be available as an extra option in the Brendan pattern (along with the current sailboat).

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