Here’s a clearer picture of the project I showed you last week, Amna:


I’ve been taken with the idea of horizontally cabled yokes for a while now, so I decided it was time to get cracking on making a sweater or cardigan featuring one. I haven’t quite managed to completely evaluate the fit, but it seems to be working out. I also posted last week that I was worried about having enough yarn, but I think I’m going to make it…mainly by making this a short sleeved cardigan (which is perfect for my climate!).

I did a preliminary blocking of half the yoke last week to double check my gauge, so you can now really see the difference blocking makes to a piece:


The left (upper) side is blocked, while the right (lower) side is not. You can see how blocking has smoothed and flattened the piece. The gauge pre- and post-blocking is also substantial, further evidence of the importance of swatching thoroughly before casting on!

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