weedy wednesday: winter garden

We’re lucky to have very mild winters here in California, so I’ve been able to keep some semblance of a garden going for the past few months. With the cooler temperatures everything grows more slowly though, so one of the keys to winter gardening is patience. This week I was excited to discover that the fava beans that have been in flower for ages:

fava beans flowering

have started producing beans:

first favas

I’ve also grown some standard Siberian kale that’s been producing well since late summer:

kale, established

And more recently I started red kale, I think it might be ready to start harvesting soon:

red kale!

A big disappointment, however, has been my brussel sprouts. Just as they were to begin sprouting, an animal of some sort got in, and they were decimated:

a moment of silence for the brussel sprouts

I’ve tried to nurse them back to health but I think it’s pretty much a lost cause.

This weekend I’m planning to start some seed trays and begin getting ready for a spring/summer garden. What are your favorite warm weather crops?

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