Of all the items on my to-do list last weekend, my favorite by far was definitely this one:


Acquire yarn 🙂 More specifically, acquire two skeins of Shibui Sock from Loop and Leaf, in colors midnight and bark. This yarn is going to be turned into another hat, and I really can’t wait to cast on (although I’m successfully making myself wait for the moment, amazingly). I first used the Shibui Sock a couple of years ago to make (unsurprisingly) a pair of socks, and I’m happy to report that I like it just as much now, or maybe even more as I’m using actual colors and not black. It’s one of those yarns that just has a really nice squish to it when you feel it in the ball, and some of that squish factor definitely transfers over into the knitting. So, conclusion: In addition to yarn, I’ve just acquired some great motivation to finish my current projects!

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