My January affliction

I don’t know about the rest of you, but I’ve noticed I can’t seem to stop myself from starting new projects in January. It happens every year! I blame a combination of factors: relief at being finished with whatever holiday knitting I might have obligated myself to do, new resolutions to knit my stash down, knit a certain number of projects, or encourage my creative impulses, and enough cold, gray weather to make staying indoors and knitting an incredibly appealing prospect.

This January is proving to be no exception, as I now have a third new project active on the needles:


Look at all familiar? It’s the second prototype for the Shimmertail hat pattern I’m working up. Here’s a clearer shot of the slip-stitching:


Unlike the original, this version is not reversible, which makes it a less challenging (and less yarn consuming!) knit. I love the double-knit reversibility of the original, but I know that the fiddliness of double-knitting probably won’t appeal to everyone and I wanted to have a pattern that would also be suitable for less experienced knitters, or for more experienced ones who just need a break! So I’m working up the pattern to have both double and single-sided options

There’s also another key difference between this hat and the original, can you spot it?

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