Cured, for now

Remember my last post about how I always cast on for too many projects in January? As if she’d read my mind, Kate Gilbert posted over at the Twist Collective blog last week about Finish Fest, a little challenge going until February 1st with the fairly simple goal of finishing projects. Now, none of the things I have active on the needles have exactly been languishing long term, but they were in danger of moving into that state due to my ongoing urge to start new items. No more! For now at least. Between now and February 1st, there will be no casting on Chez Studio Marlowe. Only knitting on and binding off of current projects. And to that end, my first finished project of 2011 happened over the weekend:


here’s a better shot of the pattern:

and the back:

I need to break out the tripod to get some better photos (especially of the crown), but who has time for that on a weekday morning? Overall though, I LOVE this hat! And it’s perfect for the non-winter winter weather of California. As soon as I’m done with Finish Fest, I’m so casting on for another…

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