rip rip RIPPED

I made good on my intentions over Thanksgiving and started ripping old sweaters that no longer fit. Today I experimented with photgraphing them using my laptop camera. Lets take a look, shall we?

First up is a ripped Samantha:

Dead sweater #1

I cannot believe the number of partial balls this thing turned into. The sweater used 9 (actual) balls of Adrienne Vittadini Natasha, and has now devolved into at least twice that many mini-balls. Why? In part, because this yarn is so sticky. In places I simply had to cut while unraveling as the most expedient method of avoiding a huge mess. Still, I’ll be the first to admit that I though the resulting pile of yarn balls would be slightly smaller that it is.

In sharp contrast, the ripped Lena:

Dead sweater #2

I think this sweater originally used 5 (maybe part of a 6th?) ball of Rowanspun DK. It turned into 6 balls and two minis. Why so much neater? The main reason is that the Rowanspun spit-splices amazingly well, so I could unwind the larger pieces of the sweater as one continuous ball of yarn without running into snags where ends had been sewn in. Additionally, the yarn has stayed pretty smooth and pulls apart easily. No hacking yarn because pieces have fused together!

The Vittadini yarn is going to turn into a second Samantha, in a smaller size. I’m planning on casting on January 1st as the first of my 11 in 2011 projects. In the meantime, I’ll be working on the expanded size range for the pattern and finishing up some of the projects I have on the go right now!

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