New gallery page!

One of my favorite things is seeing items other people have made using my patterns. Different yarns, backdrops, models, and so on combine to make each new creation look completely unique, so watching them pop up never gets dull. Recently, to facilitate sharing of all these great new projects, I’ve put together a gallery page to showcase projects made using Studio Marlowe patterns. You may have noticed the new link in the upper menubar:

Get the flash player here:

The gallery is open to any project knit using a Studio Marlowe pattern (free or purchased!), and you can add your photos easily at any time. You’ll simply need to add your photos to the Studio Marlowe Flickr pool (you will need to create a Flickr account if you don’t have one already). The gallery is generated directly from the pool, so once your photos are in the pool, they should automatically show up in the gallery feed.

Hope to see some great new photos soon!

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