weekend swatching

I really really need to make myself a cardigan soon. Why? Because so many of my current cardigans and sweaters are wearing out! I can just see you, laughing at this notion, thinking “but you live in Southern California, just how often do you actually use warm clothing?” Answer: pretty darned often, thankyouverymuch. While a really heavy winter sweater is rarely required, light and medium weight cardigans are useful on an almost daily basis. It gets cool in the evenings. I work in a lab building where all the air entering has to be cooled to a ridiculously low temperature. Fog comes in off the ocean and you need a little something to throw on over a t-shirt.

Now that I’ve (hopefully) provided ample evidence that a lack of warm clothing does indeed constitute a problem, here’s some evidence that it’s a problem I’m working to fix:


The wool is an O-wool Classic 2-ply that I picked up last year at Loop and Leaf. It’s a very soft, simple, and as the name implies, classic, yarn, perfect for working up a classic, timeless cardigan like the one I have in mind. I have a few other colors (more about those in another post), and the plan is to have some colorwork detailing on the piece. Of course, I have to swatch all the color charts as well (since, you know, I’m designing them myself and I want to make sure they actually look good knit up) so there’s going to be some more growth of this little test piece before the actual cardigan gets going. However, I have lots of holiday travel coming up so I’d like to get properly cast-on soon. I can’t let all that opportunity for airport/car passenger knitting time pass me by!

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