More Christmas knitting:


The first few inches of hat, worked up using two skeins of Shibui sock. The colors on this yarn are really amazing, beautifully saturated and vibrant (even the brown yarn can really be described as vibrant, not usually a color I would associate with a brown!). Because the yarn is so beautiful, I wanted a relatively minimalist and simple stitch pattern to allow the colors to take center stage.

Also, because both colors are equally beautiful and deserving of being in the spotlight, I’m employing double knitting to make the hat totally reversible:


Double knitting is one of those techniques that I don’t use much but it really does have some nice payoffs in exchange for its somewhat fiddly nature. It produces a lovely thick fabric, and there’s no rough wrong side of the knitting to look at.

And as a preview for an upcoming post, I’m going to finish off by highlighting my cast on edge for this hat:


Notice how perfectly the blue and the brown separate to their respective sides? One thing that initially turned me off about double knitting is that the cast on edge can look quite messy if you cast on by simply holding both colors together. My solution to this problem is to work a slightly modified version of a tubular cast-on, which I’ll be detailing in a future post, so you too can have a perfect edge in all your double knits.

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