Christmas crafting: on again!

Now that I’ve started knitting that shawl, I seem to be thinking of all the other great things I could make for Christmas. All the other great things that I probably don’t have time to make, unless I give up on getting anything that isn’t knitting done between now and the end of December. It’ll be fun to see how well I keep myself in check, no?

One gift I have made several times that has always been a big hit are these snowflake ornaments:


The pattern is by Judy Gibson and she has it posted here. I made a set of these for my mother a couple of years ago and carried strands of silver and gold thread along with the crochet cotton to make them look a bit more sparkly. I’m thinking I may make one or two this year for a few people that I’d like to give a small gift to.

And on a non-knitting note, I’ve also been thinking I’d like to try some of these quilted ball ornaments. I have several cute fabric scraps that just might work perfectly.

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