In which I break a pledge

A while back, I promised myself I was going to stop knitting people things for Christmas. Not because the recipients weren’t grateful, but because I am so terrible at devising realistic timelines. After numerous instances of last minute all-nighters on Christmas Eve, frantically blocking and sewing in ends, I decided that giving knit gifts for Christmas was just not working for me, and promised myself that I would stop it with the overly ambitious Christmas knitting.

Apparently I can’t keep promises:


Although as breakings of promises go, this one is relatively minor. I do, at least, have a backup gift plan that I’ll be implementing if it turns out I can’t manage to make a lace shawl within a two month time frame. The yarn has been in my stash since a Secret Santa exchange last year, and I am really enjoying finally putting it to good use. It’s a beautiful single-ply lace weight and knits up into an equally beautiful soft fabric. The only drawback is that it’s incredibly sticky. Ripping back is absolutely not going to be an option on this project!

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