Fall knitting: one down

All the cool rainy weather of the past couple of weeks provided me with plenty of knitting opportunities, enough that I managed to finish up Crispin:


Not bad, eh? These photos are pre-blocking, unfortunately I forgot to take a post-block photo before sticking them in the mail to Knitpicks. Classic absentminded behavior on my part.

In other news, I’ve made some progress on an ongoing project I have, reformatting my older patterns to all standardize with a newer template. Someone brought a small errata in Beatrice to my attention, so I thought that while I was correcting errata, I might as well reformat too. I made a few other tweaks to the directions while I was at it, so things are a little more streamlined and generally improved now. The new version of Beatrice is now available for purchase, both here on my site and through Ravelry.

Beatrice DSCF4877


As before, the pattern includes directions for four sizes, women’s XS (S, M, L). Custom charts for the lace inset on the front of the gloves are included for each size. These gloves are perfect for around town in the winter, I’m planning to cast on for a new pair soon!

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