weedy wednesday: brussel sprout edition

Each year when I plan out my garden, I like to have a mix of plants I have grown before with success (tomatoes, green beans, and so on), and then one or two new items that I have not tried before.  This year, the big experimental plant has been brussel sprouts:


These plants have no yielded actual sprouts yet, but they have been growing larger and larger at a fairly steady rate. Also, they have a long maturation period (about 120 days, according to my seed packet), so I knew I was not going to get instant results. Still, just the other day I noticed the beginning of small leaves that I hope might eventually turn into sprouts:


Beautiful, no?I also have the beginning of a small piece of knitting that I know is going to turn into a second bear:


The first iteration of this bear was extremely well received by the recipient. This one is probably going to be a Christmas gift, although I’m planning to have it finished much sooner than that!

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