weedy wednesday!

This summer I checked out a new gardening book, Grow More Vegetables (John Jeavons).  This book promotes a method of gardening that aims to maximize productivity AND maintain or improve soil quality, in as sustainable a manner as possible.  Naturally I was attracted to it!

One of the big things the book promotes is that you should devote 60% of your growing space to crops that produce a lot of biomass, which can then be used for composting.  I thought I’d start trying out one of their recommended crops in my fall/winter gardening, and promptly went out to find a packet of fava bean seeds:


This plant is one of eight that have sprouted and recently been transplanted to the garden.  In terms of biomass production, they are definitely packing it on at the moment!  All of the seeds I planted sprouted, and they have all started off growing quite vigorously. I’ll probably start a few more seeds this week.  If all goes according to schedule, I should be getting my first beans in sometime after (American) Thanksgiving.

I’m also still getting a lot of green tomatoes, but no red ones yet:


If they don’t start turning soon, expect to start seeing posts about the joys of fried green tomatoes.  I would love to get a few reddening up, but I think some fried greens would be an acceptable substitute.

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