I now have two projects active and on the needles:Roosevelt (take two) is nearing completion:


The draft of the pattern is going out to test knitters today.  I have really loved making these two little bears and I think there may be a few more knit toys in my future.

Since that project is winding down, I also cast on for a pair of Crispin mitts using the Knit Picks Palette I blogged about earlier in the week:


This is actually my first time using Knit Picks yarn and I have to say, I am impressed at how nice it feels!  I remember years back when they first started marketing their own line of yarn, the color selections were very limited and anytime I saw it in person the quality seemed pretty average.  Well, Palette is proving very nice to knit with, and I was also super impressed with how much they have expanded the color selection as time has gone on.  I especially like that they now have a lot of really nice heather colors, which is especially nice (I think) for colorwork.

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