Apologies about the glitch over the weekend, let’s just say that my hosting service was not so on the ball.  I, however, was very on the ball about progressing on the second iteration of Roosevelt:


I’ve been doing this second knit to run through the pattern and check that things are clear and that the numbers all match up.  This iteration will most likely also be a gift; I was visiting my sister and nephew while knitting the first one and the nephew commented several times about what a nice bear it was. So I’ll be sending this one to him. I would like to make one for myself sometime, but it doesn’t seem to be happening just yet!  Brings that saying about shoemaker’s children to mind…

I also, over the weekend, got some new yarn in the mail:


No, no, this is not me adding to my stash (which is finally starting to show an appreciable decrease in size).  This yarn is for knitting up a sample for one of my patterns (Crispin) that I’ll be selling through Knit Picks at some  point in the future (i.e., when I finish the sample and mail it back).   Since it’s a sample of an existing pattern, I’ll let you guess which one for now.

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