Toy time

My latest project is a small stuffed bear I started while on vacation last week:
In theory, I thought this would be a quick knit, but in actuality I ripped the body out several times before I was happy with it.  However, I think each rip was worth it, since the bear just keeps getting better and better.  I need to give him a name, I was thinking Roosevelt (get it?) might be a good one.

This project is part of a 2010 effort I’ve been working on to knit projects entirely from stash. So far I’ve been doing well on not adding to my stash (nothing new this year!), but I’ll admit I also have not been doing a load of knitting. However, with fall looming, it’ll be time to start thinking of Christmas gifts soon, so I hope to be doing some serious stash whittling in the coming months.

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