weedy wednesday time!

As I have the past couple of summers, I’m again trying my hand at gardening this year.  I’ve had very mixed success with gardening the past couple of years–our community garden plots are very accessible to a large population of rabbits, squirrels, raccoons, and other wildlife who feel they’re entitled to share the gardening bounty, usually well before it’s actually in any sort of fruitful stage (try explaining to the rabbits that they are welcome to take a few tomatoes in August, if they will just stop. eating. the. whole. darn! plant! in April).  Amazingly, this year has been relatively critter free–it appears my relentless applications of cayenne pepper and hair trimmings are finally doing the trick and my plants are all (so far, knock on wood) un-nibbled.

However, to counterbalance that, this year I also got a really late start on my garden (was out of town until mid-April), so it’s nearly the end of June and my tomatoes are still looking pretty puny:


The weather here is pretty mild year round so I’m hopeful that these will eventually yield some fruit despite my slackness early in the season.  And if not, that’s okay too–I enjoy the process of gardening almost as much as the finished process, so even in a year with limited yields I feel like I’ve gained something!

And finally, one thing that is doing really well, basil!


(although I confess its success is partially due to the fact that I purchased it as a plant rather than growing from seed…)

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