Lately I’ve been taken with the idea of projects that are fairly simple in their construction, but with a few original details and a lot of attention to fit.  The simplicity concept is appealing because I’ve been finding the rest of my life is pretty crowded with work and people and my knitting time is sporadic and often not of the highest quality.  Intricate color or cable charts, while fun, seem a little less alluring if you can often only knit: in 10-15 minute stretches, while on the phone with your mother/father/sibling/friend, at the very end of the day when you’re dead tired.  An added bonus is that simpler pieces often tend to be more versatile, so I can get more wear out of all those hours spent on garment construction.  Hopefully one of these days I’ll get back to the more complicated things, but for now, simple is it:


I’ve conceived this latest project as a fairly straightforward short-sleeved stockinette cardigan, perfect for cool spring mornings, or layering over long sleeves in slightly chillier weather.  A few of my favorite all purpose sweaters have finally started biting the dust recently (and after years of hard wear, I can’t say I’m too surprised), so it’s high time to work up replacements like this one. The yarn is a Berrocco 50/50 wool/alpaca blend, in a gorgeous purple color that I am currently unable to get the camera to capture properly (oh well). It’s super soft and I can tell this is going to make a great layer for keeping my core warm in chillier weather.

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