Old work says hello

 Recently I was visiting my parents and I noticed these gloves out on the dresser in my old bedroom:


I knit these gloves in 2003 and gave them to my mother as a Christmas present.  They’re pretty basic, 100% wool, no fancy stitching or colorwork.  Just gloves.  Since I’ve made them, I’ve seen my mother wearing them numerous times when I’ve been visiting over Christmas, and she’s mentioned in phone conversations how nicely they match a scarf she acquired later.  I tried them on as soon as I noticed them and found they were still warm, cozy, and in good condition.

I know when I take stock of my knitting I can see a lot of projects that were ill-conceived or that simply refused to work out.  My knitting drawer has lots of these kinds of reminders: half done projects, yarn that may never get used, and so on.  They’re all right there.  Good projects, however,  don’t always present such a constant reminder.  They get given away, or worn so often that they’re eventually beyond repair.  So it’s really nice when one pops up unexpectedly to remind you that yes, you do knit a lot of great stuff that balances out the pieces you aren’t so fond of.

Finding these gloves also got me thinking about starting another pair for my mother.  Since she likes (and uses) these so much, maybe it’s time for an upgrade.  Hmmmm….

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