It’s a wrap!

A while back I posted that I was working on a navy wrap cardigan.  Then I dropped off the radar, blogwise.  With regards to this particular project though, that’s not such a bad thing.  Dark colors are nearly impossible to photograph so I would have been boring you, dear readers, with a lot of shots of a dark knitted mass.  Not so hot.

However, I am now returned from my blogging hiatus (I hope) and guess what?  While I was gone, I finished that wrap:


Apologies for the weird angle and grotty mirror, I will rig up a good self-timer set up again soon, promise!

This cardi is definitely one of those projects that turned out just as well as anything I was envisioning in my head during the design and early knitting phases.  It fits like a dream: nice and form fitting without being too tight, and the fit is really perfect pretty much everywhere.  If I were making it again (and I plan to), I would not change a thing.  This is also definitely an example of how if you pick the right yarn and take the time to figure out the perfect gauge for what you want in a finished sweater, the hardest work is pretty much done for you.  As far as knitting skills required go, this cardigan was very simple, even mindless to knit.  But the merino/angora blend and the slightly loose gauge combined to create a soft fabric with just the perfect amount of drape. It also goes through the delicate cycle of my washing machine with no ill effects.  I took a lot of notes and am thinking I may be making another in a lighter color as soon as I can identify some appropriate yarn.

Details, such as they are:

Pattern: My own, general style is top-down raglan

Size: Technically designed to have a 32″ finished bust, fits my roughly 36″ bust perfectly

Yarn: Colourmart UK 4/16NM DK weight 75% merino/25% angora, 660 yards/150g, in a navy color


Needles: US 5 for everything except the ties, which were on a US 1.

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