Tetris filling in

Once again, long time, no blog.  Things have been busy!  But, I have still been knitting.  See?


Yes, that’s my tetris scrap afghan that I started a year or so ago.  No, it isn’t finished.  It is, however, starting to look more afghan-like in its proportions (as opposed to misshapen and oversized washcloth like).  I’ve run into a bit of a snag with regards to color balance, though.  While I still have loads of different purple yarns, I’m running thin on both browns and strong pinks.  No good.  Fortunately, I’m taking the train down to my parents’ this weekend, where I have a fair amount of stash in semi-permanent storage.  I know there are a couple of balls at least kicking around down there that will be perfect for this project.  And my mother will be thrilled that some of my yarn is leaving the house! 

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