I don’t know about you, but I have been hearing a ton of buzz about green smoothies over the past year or so.  As always, I am reluctant to be at the cutting edge of any trend, so naturally I did not try them for a while.  However, I’ve recently been experimenting with incorporating more raw foods into my diet so I decided to give the green smoothing thing a try also:


The big summer fruit season is mostly over so I’ve been keeping mine pretty simple: soymilk, an apple, an orange, and a couple cups of raw kale or spinach.  Yes, it looks like space alien slime. But! It is really pretty delicious and the taste of greens is not overpowering or really strong at all.  I’ve been drinking these for breakfast for the past couple of weeks, sometimes with different fruits (last week I was lucky enough to score a pomegranate!).  With the soymilk, they have a nice balance of carbs and proteins and really keep me going until lunch.  As an added bonus, I’m noticing that my skin is much clearer and has a bit of a fresh looking glow to it that only seems to come when I’m loading up on the raw fruits and vegetables.

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