I know, it’s been a long hiatus.  The summer was pretty so-so on the knitting front: I made one cardigan (for a class, and which I failed to photograph), one bath mitt, and assorted afghan squares (but no finished afghan).  My excuses are myriad: I was travelling, I was incredibly busy with school/work, and I was just plain lazy.

Also, a lot of my crafting time in the past month has been eaten up by this:


Yes, that is a chaise lounge covered in muslin. I’ve apparently taken up sewing. A little. Just this one project. This one very large project. The eventual goal is to recover the entire thing in dark brown corduroy (the muslin is just a mockup). A goal which I’m pleased to report I’m making progress towards:


It’s been an interesting project, to say the least. More on that (and my knitting, which is picking up pace as the temperatures drop), in a later post.

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