Remember that angora/lambswool yarn I acquired recently?  I’ve been working up some swatch ideas with it:


If I’m thinking of working in a mix of stitch patterns with a yarn, my swatch usually gets pretty long.  I hate to cast on and knit another bit of garter stitch and make a whole new swatch for each stitch pattern, so I just keep the swatch going.  Sometimes it only takes a few rows to figure out that something is not going to work.

Here…I have a few definite ideas for what I want to do with this yarn, but there are still some things up in the air. Fortunately, I have some time to decide, since I have Lena and a mitt and a half to finish up before I cast on for anything new.  However, I will say that I am really loving the look of the cabled border bit on the right. Thoughts?

And, a general housekeeping note, I will definitely not be updating the blog for the next few days.  Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday I will be sitting the written exams that I have to take as part of advancing to candidacy in my doctoral program (I have to pass an oral exam also, but that will be later this year.  Then, if I’ve passed both, I’ll be a “PhD candidate” instead of just a plain old “graduate student”).  Assuming I make it through in one piece, I should be back to blogging on Thursday.  See you then!

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