more mitts

Another inch on the latest pair of mitts:
Just a few more rows before working the placement for the thumb.  I’ve also used this reknit as an opportunity to rework the Crispin pattern.  Some of the changes are just cosmetic (I’m working on moving all my patterns over to this new look, you can get a look on the new PDF for the garter mesh wrap–let me know what you think!), but I’m also putting out two versions of the pattern now, a “traditional” and a “tabular” format.  The traditional format has all of the instructions for different sizes written in the traditional bracketed manner, i.e. CO 1(2,3,4,5,6) sts.  The tabular format replaces the brackets with a blank and a letter reference, i.e. CO ____ A sts.  A table at the end of the pattern shows the numbers that correspond to each letter for your size.  Simply highlight the column that corresponds to your size, and then fill in the blanks before you begin knitting.  This format allows you to create a custom single sized pattern and (hopefully) reduces problems with keeping track of which numbers are for your size.

In the case of Crispin, there are only a few sizes, so I expect most people don’t find keeping track of their particular set of numbers is a huge problem, but the small number of sizes made it an easy one for me to test drive the idea on.  If people like it, I’ll be working on including it in all my multi-sized patterns.  For patterns with a lot of sizes, I’m thinking it will make things much easier for the knitter and probably also cut the size of the pattern down a little.

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