cuffs and hands

Here’s a little sneak peek of the finished long-sleeved Lena:
I wanted to get a full-on shot but between recent furniture rearrangement in my apartment and high winds out of doors it was just not happening.  So instead, here are the cuffs, just to prove that I got down to the ends of each sleeve.  Modeling the cuffs are my forearms and hands.

Hands can be such a little snapshot of a person.  You can spot a classical guitarist by their fingernails (long on the right, short on the left).  An avid gardener will often have a bit of dirt stuck under the nails.  And since our hands are so out there, doing things for us every day, they can accumulate the battle scars of our daily life.  Mine certainly have.  When I was a toddler, I nearly lost a finger in an accident with a closing door–there’s a scar (and the occasional tingling sensation under my fingernail) from that.  In middle school, I had a run in with a hot glue gun which has left a distinctive heart-shaped scar at the base of my right thumb.  There are a few other little cooking related-scars as well, which leads me to suspect that a stranger might conclude I could do with acquiring an oven mitt.  But despite all I’ve subjected them to, my hands are still a magnificent set of tools.  They made this whole sweater, so it’s fitting that they get to be front and center of the photo announcing its completion.

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