x2, in two

Continuing in the general vein of project duplication, I cast on for a second pair of Crispin mitts the other day:


These ones are for me, a little hand protection on morning bike rides.  The yarn is the same as for the first pair (Shetland Spindrift), but this time in just two colors instead of four.  The two color version is nice if you don’t want to have quite so many ends to weave in, or if you don’t want to purchase 4+ balls of yarn for a single pair of mitts.  These two colors are left over from the Manus gloves I knit my brother last year.  I did, right after I cast on, wonder what I was thinking, starting a new project with black 1×1 ribbing so soon after finishing a pair of socks with miles of the stuff.  At least in this case it’s only a few inches of ribbing instead of a few feet’s worth.

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