take two

Most of my weekend knitting time was spent on…you guessed it, socks.  However, the endless rounds of 1×1 ribbing on small needles would have been tedious if I hadn’t broken it up with something.  Such as:
Winding a skein of yarn into a ball, and:
Making a swatch.

Eventually, it’s going to lead to another pullover from the same pattern as the Habu piece I finished a couple of weeks ago.  The yarn is from my stash–Rowanspun DK (in Catkin), a discontinued yarn that I got on ebay a year and a half ago.  One thing I’ve noticed about the Rowanspun yarns is that they’re on the thin side for their purported weight.  For example, this yarn is “DK” and the suggested gauge is 20-21 sts/4″.  However, I this swatch meets the gauge requirements for my pullover (24 sts/4″), and the fabric is not at all thick or stiff–in fact, it’s really quite loose and drapey.  At 20 sts/4″ it would be verging on sheer and holey.  However, the thinner weight makes it perfect for this pullover, so I’m not complaining!

I have quite a bit of this yarn in my stash (10 skeins), so I’m thinking this go-around may experiment with longer sleeves.  Stay tuned!

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