plus de tu sais quoi….

Okay, I really have no idea how you would convey the sentiment “you know what” as in “these socks that are kind of starting to get old” in French, so I just made something else.  Don’t tell my high school French teacher or she might make me do pushups (although technically, that was a punishment for sleeping.  And only one that was applied if the sleeping party were male.  Technically girls had to do situps for sleeping but the fact that I sat in the very front row and did situps not a single time is testament to the fact that girls were not punished for sleeping in class at all.  Nous avons besoin de notre dormir de beaute, or something…).

Anyway, socks:
I’m onto the leg of #2.  However, I also decided that really, the legs need to be longer than poor #1 is at the moment.  So, I caved and bought a third skein of Shibui, with the plan of adding a couple of extra inches to each leg.  Of course, this development means no way are the socks going to be done in time (that would be…oh…tomorrow), but I think it’s a worthwhile delay, no?

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