by the numbers

Since my Habu pullover is officially ripped (yes, I bit the bullet and did it.  Also, yes, I am going to have to buy more yarn), I’ve decided to test a new design process that’s been bumping around in my head:


Writing the pattern BEFORE knitting the piece.  Or at least, crunching the majority of the numbers pre-starting (thus the laptop with spreadsheet open in the background).  The major advantages I’m hoping to get out of this method are:

1.  Most of the hard work is done up front, so writing the final pattern post-knitting is less of a daunting task.

2.  Designs will be better planned to work for a range of sizes.

#1 is really the big motivator for me.  I have a tendency to just jump in and start knitting.  And although I *do* take notes of everything I do, getting that into a pattern and then multi-sizing….yech.  It’s tedious and I just want to get onto knitting the next thing!  This way I get that out of the way and then get onto the fun part.  I think I’ll probably also finish more things this way, since one of my frequent problems is that I get hung up on details at the end.  More forward planning ought to fix that, no?

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