sans sucre

In case anyone was wondering, I am still baking my way through Vegan Cupcakes Take Over the World:


This time I ventured into the realm of sugar free with the Agave Nectar cupcakes (chocolate variation).  Agave nectar, it turns out, produces a very satisfactory cupcake–definitely still sweet.  The texture was also good, nice and moist but not overly wet.  I cannot say as much for the agave icing (not pictured), it came out with a bitter aftertaste that I could not mask or identify a definite source for.  If I make these again I might try the cooked velvet icing and use fructose granules instead of granulated cane sugar for a sugar-free icing.  However, this time around it turned out icing-free was a good way to go, as I had a bit of a bicycling accident while taking them into the office (nothing serious, I was in the bike roundabout and another cyclist came in without looking, it was crowded and a crash was pretty much inevitable.  I am okay except for a bit of scraping).  The cupcakes survived, but I’m pretty sure icing would have created an impossible mess in my carrier tin.

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