I’ve got a few knitting goals for this year (I refuse to call them resolutions).  The big ones are:

1.  Keep knitting down my stash.  My end of 2008 stash is a bit smaller than my end of 2007 stash, so I made some progress on that front.  However, I just didn’t have a lot of time to knit in 2008.

2.  Keep buying yarn only at LYSes/brick and mortar craft stores.  I know, sounds prohibitively expensive,  BUT.  If you’re only buying yarn for projects you’re actually going to do immediately, it’s surprisingly affordable.

3.  FINISH THINGS.  Which brings my to the title of this post.  I have a load of projects going right now, and some of them just need to get done.  So I’ve made up a list of what needs finishing (links are to the ravelry project pages):

Deirdre: No excuses here, one or two evenings should result in finished embroidery

Matchmaker fair isle: could take a while, but I am almost up to the arms, at which point things should start to speed up.

Celia: the yoke is practically complete, so then it’s just the edging, closures, and ends to weave in

Anne: Two short sleeves and the finishing to go!

Tetris afghan: Is probably going to go on for a few more years, but some progress needs to be made in this one.

Aisling: Because otherwise I will have completely wasted all that time spent charting cables

There are also two very very new (i.e. started in December) projects that I don’t have photos of yet: an alpaca cardigan and a habu pullover.  The cardigan is going well, with two sleeves and a half back completed.  I’m planning on taking it as my plane knitting tomorrow so I may arrive back in CA with an entire back and maybe even part of a front.  The pullover is going to take a bit longer as it’s on some size 2 needles.  But I think the end result will be worth the effort.

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