Really still here!

I know it’s been ages since I’ve updated. This quarter has been crazy for me with teaching and I just have. not. had. time. I’ve barely even had time to knit! But I have made a few things and I’ll be back posting photos soon. I’m hoping to have a new pattern up this month also.

In the meantime, here’s a cupcake I baked back at Halloween, when I still had some leisure time:

Licorice cupcakes

Licorice! If you don’t like licorice, these cupcakes are probably not for you. If you do like licorice, you would probably enjoy them, but I think they are still best suited to occasions like Halloween where food is expected to be a little weird–licorice in cake form is definitely something of an acquired taste. The basic recipe I used for these was Golden Vanilla Cupcakes (from VCTOTW). However, I heated the soymilk and steeped four Licorice Spice (I use the Stash brand) teabags in it for ~10 minutes before adding it to the batter. I also added some orange zest and extract, a tiny dash of cloves, and a little bit of anise extract that Maura left with me before she moved up North this past summer. Then the icing has some anise and orange extract for flavoring also. And then I topped it off with chopped licorice to warn people about the flavor in case they were licorice haters.

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