last quarter!

Apologies for the lack of posting last week…we started a new quarter and I was super busy. I did, however, finish up that second Celia sleeve and get started on the yoke:

Hooray! I had the brilliant idea here of basically making two long floppy straight needles by attaching a needle to one end of a knitpicks cord, and an little stopper thingy to the other end. Then repeat for the other needle. It basically give me a longer cord to work on, which makes trying on as you go much easier. If you’re like me, and have a tendency to spend a fair bit of your yoke knitting time picking up stitches that got dropped when you tried to force a 24″ cable to go around your shoulders, because you were too impatient to string some of the stitches onto waste yarn or another set of needles, a longer cord is a lifesaver. If you’re actually patient and methodical about things, oh well. You probably wouldn’t see much added benefit.

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