inch by inch, row by row

The other thing I did while my mother was visiting was *finally* start something on this garden I have been planning since April…the mild winters here mean that yes, you can start your growing season in September. I am starting small–peas (which prefer the cool weather that’s coming and are also good for the soil since they are nitrogen fixers), collards (also better in cooler weather), and then tomatoes (not sure how those are going to do but I like to try something a little risky in my garden). I also have a little rosemary plant that I’ll be putting in. This is just the starter garden in the small strip adjacent to my apartment that I’m allowed to cultivate. I’m thinking I’m also going to see about getting an honest to goodness plot in the community gardens. Despite my inertia in starting, I do love to garden. I need to do a little more reading up to figure out what grows well out here, and then I’m thinking I can start getting some real variety!

Here’s the start of my garden:


Hopefully something will sprout up soon!

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