big quarter

I tend to view knitting seamless sweaters as four parts: lower body, sleeve, sleeve, yoke.  I guess you could add a fifth part of “finishing”, but I am such a minimalist on that front that I can’t really, in good conscience, count it. he biggest fourth of the sweater is (to me) definitely the lower body, and probably also the most boring.   I know some people really hate sleeves, but I find that after slogging through a whole torso they tend to go pretty quickly.  And then the yoke has the whole wonder of going more and more quickly the closer you get to the end (another reason why I am not a fan of top down–starts fast and finishes slow, instead of the other way around). Anyway, all of that rambling is coming to a point, which is that the biggest “quarter” of Celia is now finished and waiting for the sleeves:

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