I had a great week with my mother visiting…we didn’t really do anything super exciting, but the point was to see each other and we accomplished lots of that. We did go to the Botanical Gardens, Art Museum, Farmers Market, and various little shops on State Street. Oh yeah, and the beach, obviously.

I did very little knitting (my mother, despite having taught me to knit, is not actually much of a knitter herself these days), but a little more progress was made on the first Celia sleeve:


The main sitting around activity I did was drinking tea and getting caught up with my mother, and when we weren’t doing that or off touristing, we read. I finished two books:


Ghost Map is excellent, I would highly recommend it if you are like me and have a strong amateur interest in epidemiology. It’s a really great account of the London cholera outbreak of 1854, which led to the discovery that cholera was a waterborne illness (in short). Our Lives are the Rivers is some historical fiction, about Simon Bolivar’s mistress and her two personal slaves. I’m not sure what the ratio of actual history to fictionalization is (it’s been eons since my Latin American history classes), but it was an interesting read regardless.   Next up I think I want to read The Irregulars, although I suspect it may be somewhat less than flattering to Roald Dahl, one of my favorite childhood authors.

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