Ahh, Monday

Happy Labor Day! I had to go into the office for a bit this morning, but the evening should include some of the obligatory grilling shenanigans usually associated with the holiday. I might do some knitting too–this weekend was positively chock-a-block with sticks and string, so perhaps I should see about keeping that momentum going.

The primary project, of course, was Celia. No particular new structural developments, as I’m still slogging away on the body, but I thought I’d show off one of the other cool features of this stitch pattern:

While the front appearance was (obviously) what really drew me to the stitch pattern in the first place, the backside really is almost as attractive as the front. Unfortunately it does start to look rather wonky at the side decreases, or I’d seriously be toying with the idea of a reversible cardigan. Still, it’s a neat little feature.

The other thing I’ve been doing is swatching:

This is some Rowan Denim I received as my “free gift” with Rowan subscription this year. The yarn is intended for a messenger bag pattern that they sent along with it, but I have some other plans for it. But first, I have to throw it in the wash to see just how serious the promised shrinking will be. I’m starting to run low on clean shirts, so that shouldn’t take too long!

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