so much for THAT

As I’ve definitely mentioned before, the original conception of Deirdre included plans for embroidery around the neckline. As I worked on it, I was having some second thoughts–maybe it didn’t need embellishments. Maybe a simple piece was best. Maybe the idea of doing all that embroidery just makes me ill. Then I finished up, and I love it, but…it is very, well, plain. And monochromatic. The embroidery is starting to sound good again.

Of course, I did a practice run. I’ve previously done embroidery on knitting and found it to be tricky business, with the embroidered bits having a tendency to disappear into the knit stitches if not carefully placed. So I had this brilliant idea of applying fusible interfacing to the knit fabric. My line of reasoning was that it would add some stability and give the embroidery more substance to hang onto. So I cut out a “square” (my effort was foiled by the fact that I accidentally grabbed my broken scissors and then tried to force them to make do) and applied it to the back of my swatch, and proceeded with my practice embroidering:


I can now say that fusible interfacing does NOTHING significant to improve the ease of the whole embroidering on knitting situation. Apparently, you just have to be careful and watch where you’re putting the yarn. Sigh.

Despite that, I’m liking how my practice bits are turning out so far:

There are a few other things I want to try out before going nuts on the real thing, but I think it’s going to look good, no?

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