more Celia

My main knitting, of late, is the Calmer cardigan (now officially christened Celia):
As stated previously, I am loving this project. The yarn and stitch pattern really go well together to create a gorgeous fabric. The only drawback is that the slip stitch pattern does require a certain amount of concentration, and it is rather slow going compared to a standard stockinette piece. Mind you, it’s still quite suitable for knitting and reading, which I have been doing a fair bit of lately:
Summer always feels like reading time to me, and a time to reread my old established favorites in particular (yes, that *is* a Harry Potter book…et pui?). I think it’s a carryover from when I was younger–we would get carted off to the library a couple of times a week during the summer vacation and I would always come home with a big stack of books. Then I would be perpetually sneaking off to my bedroom to try to read them all before the next library visit!

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