Well, almost:
I finished all the actual knitting on Deirdre last night. So now it’s just sewing up the armholes, weaving in ends, blocking, and I think also some embroidery (which could push the completion date out considerably…).

I know the neckline looks a little ragged, but that is actually a finished edge! I did an i-cord bind-off since I wanted something that looked very minimalist and simple. It does have a tendency to roll when laid out like this but when I try it on it’s close fitting enough that the rolling is not an issue (since my body pretty much holds it in place). Still, I may pick up a bit of grosgain to sew in underneath, just in case ideas start to be had.

I’m so pleased with how this piece has turned out–the fit is good and it’s also a nice in-between weight that is perfect for this climate.

And, now that I have finished the knitting part of this, I think I can definitely cast on for a “new” project, even if it is just ravelympics cardigan number two.

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