Since I signed up for a Knitting Olympics team over on Ravelry, I decided to spend my weekend knitting time doing a little swatching (or, in KO parlance, “training”):
The stitch pattern is a mock honeycomb slip stitch that I found in a Barbara Walker book, and the yarn is Rowan Calmer, in a discontinued but fabulous shade of pink. The plans for this yarn have gone through some serious evolution. Plan 1 was to make an Aran-style cardigan out of it–I really liked the tapered cables I had improvised when knitting Mariah and wanted to do another cardigan incorporating those or something similar, but perhaps with more extensive cabling on the body. Then I started thinking about how I needed more lightweight layering pieces out here in CA–the temperature varies a lot throughout the day, although it rarely gets *really* cold or *really* hot. This temperature range is surprisingly difficult to dress for (although it is certainly pleasant to live in). So the plans shifted and I started thinking lace cardigan, perhaps accented with a big ribbed shawl collar and some wooden toggle buttons. But, I wasn’t seeing any lace stitch patterns that really seemed right. I started to think about the cable plans again–I wanted to do something with some texture, but not as “thick” as traditional cabling would result in. Then I saw this mock honeycomb, and after a little swatching, decided I might finally have a winner.

Now I’m just impatient for the Olympics to start! In the meantime, I’ll be doing as much pre-cast on design maths as possible, and trying to finish up/make progress on my current projects.

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