The latest “new” recipe, from Veganomicon:


I have totally made sushi before, so the main new aspect was the tempeh filling. Which was actually doubly new because I have never cooked with tempeh before (it’s good, I will cook with it again).

I found the filling to be a little bland so I wound up adding a more rice vinegar and also a sprinkling of cayenne, which fixed things up nicely. And it is great food for summer since the only thing you really have to cook is the rice. I think I’ll be trying this again with some of the other filling suggestions.

A few of my personal notes for sushi assembly:

1. I usually only spread rice on half the nori piece, leaving a fairly big section of nori to wrap around the outside. I prefer this since it keeps the sushi pieces from getting too large and unwieldy and makes them roughly bite-sized, preventing the annoyance of your sushi falling apart after you have bitten off half of it.

2. I find it’s easiest to slice with a serrated knife. Authentic sushi chefs would probably faint with horror at this method, but hey…I was trained in the poorly lit basement of a girls’ dormitory in Chapel Hill, not some hallowed sushi restaurant in Japan.

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