sleeve 3

So part of the problem with both of the tops I’ve been working on recently (Anne and the matchmaker) is that they are both kind of fiddly. In the case of Anne, I need to sit down and figure out the set in sleeve math. The fair isle just requires a lot of concentration. I need something quick and a little mindless.

Re-enter Deirdre:
This piece stalled after the sleeves were stolen from my car last summer. But, with the body all done and the plan calling for simple raglan sleeves, Deirdre is perfectly suited to my current summer knitting mood–simple, fast, with a distinct possibility of being finished *soon*. I’m knitting another project on a deadline (that I won’t be posting photos of for a while, sorry!) so Deirdre will be competing with the other project for a bit, but I’ve now joined a second Ravelympics team, so I’ve decided D will be my entry for that (now that there’s an event for finishing up a WIP/UFO–after over a year on the needles, I think this qualifies!)

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