I’m going to a picnic this afternoon, so of course you know what I whipped up to bring along:


These are the classic chocolate cupcakes, some with plain frosting and some with chocolate.  I found a set of mini-cupcake pans at the thrift store last weekend (in really good condition to boot!), so I thought this would be a good chance to try them out.  I was thinking that a mini-cupcake would be equivalent to half a regular cupcake, and that my 24-mini-cupcake capacity would be sufficient for a recipe that makes a dozen cupcakes.  Not so.  I made 24 minis and still had plenty of batter for 5 large.  And, quite a few cupcake liners turned out to really have been a tad overfilled, so I think I technically could have gotten even more cakes out of the recipe (certainly at least a sixth regular cupcake).  So, in conclusion, a mini-cupcake is really somewhere between a third and a fourth of its full-sized counterparts.  I’ll have to keep an eye out for more mini pans!

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