evolution of a swatch

I think I posted a week or so ago about starting a new project, right? At any rate, I am. Starting. This is what’s happened with it so far:
First we have swatch A on the left. Swatch A was a neat little stst square, blocked and pinned, all done according to form. And I actually cast on after A. But then I decided the fabric really was too tight. And that also, I wanted to do a little something to break up the miles of stockinette. Enter swatch B (right), which is really how I tend to swatch–as one long stitch sampler. A little stst to start things off, some random stitch patterns and experimenting with decreases, some more stitch patterns, until I find that balance point between something I like and impatience to start. I feel these two variables must plot out something like the classic supply and demand curves from high school econ classes.

Anyway, I think I’ve hit that intersection for this project and I’ve started the actual top:


Mmm, more tubular cast-on. My favorite. If you don’t know how to do this cast-on, my advice is to LEARN. Now. Seriously–it’s more time consuming, but gives the piece a much more finished looking edge. Also, it’s nice and stretchy, so you might find it handy if you have problems with too-tight cast-ons.

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